Would you like to write for Zameena. No matter who you are, what level dance you are, if you have some bellydance love and passion to share or somthing you think the bellydance community will find of use then CONTACT US. We would love to have you write for us. 


We can't pay you to write for us as the magazine is just made by us a bit of fun for the community, however we are MORE THAN HAPPY to advertise you / your workshop / your website / ANYTHING in the newsletter. 


Writing a Zameen a newsletter is a great method of self publicity and a great way to promote yourself / your event. If you want to direct more traffic to your instagram/ facebook page / website - then featuring in a Zameena newsletter could really help !! 


We have over a thousand subscribers in over 20 differnt countries and our subscribers are really active readers !!! 


So what do you have to loose? JUST EMAIL US saying who you are and any idea you have for and article and we'll go from there!  

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